Our Supporters

The following organisations and businesses have given us support:

Community organisation
Lotus River Ottery Grassy Park Residents Association
Bottom Road Sanctuary
Greater Cape town Civic Alliance
Kenwyn Civic
Retreat/Steenberg Civic
De Waterkant Civic
Congress Of South African Trade Unions Local
African National Congress Local
Southern Suburbs Legal Advice Centre
SCEA Schaapkraal Civic & Environmental Association
Schaapkraal Developing Farmers Association

Lotus High School
John Graham Primary School
South Peninsula High School
Kannemeyer Primary School
Plantation Primary School
Hyde Park Primary School
Steenberg Primary School
Frank Joubert Art Centre
The Children’s Art Centre
Cedar House School
University of Cape Town African Centre for Cities

Botanical Society
Working for Wetlands
Cape Flats Wetlands Forum
Wildlife and Environment Society of SA
The Cape Bird Club

Cultural/Religious organisations
Heal The Hood & Emile Jansen
Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute
The House of the Xoraxouhoe
The Diocesan Environmental Group

Sponsoring Businesses organisations
Golden Bake
Black hat and Nimbus
Pickers Meats
Mantellis Biscuits
Roomaneys Hardware store
Buildit Grassy Park
Community Video Education Trust