Preamble and Objectives of the Princess Vlei Forum

The full constitution may be downloaded here:


Noting that:
1. The inequalities and injustices of the past and the present have wrought on our city deep wounds and divisions, which continue to be expressed in the on-going violence, fear and suspicion within and between our communities.
2. Amongst these injustices is the fact that most citizens of Cape Town are forced to live in areas that are unsightly, unhealthy, and damaging to their social, physical and spiritual well-being, and have limited or no access to areas of natural beauty.
3. The environmental health of our city, upon which we and all future generations depend, continues to be severely compromised for the benefit of private corporations.
4. Marginalised communities pay the highest price for these compromises and have access to few or none of the financial benefits
5. We have won the democratic right to live in a healthy environment, which is enshrined in our constitution.

And believing that:
1. Communal spaces with strong environmental, ecological, historical, spiritual and social values, such as Princess Vlei, have a unique role in healing, unifying and empowering our citizens and must be protected from destructive development that benefits the few to the detriment of the many.
2. Our shared prosperity and happiness depends on creating a city which functions as a collaborative socio-ecosystem that enables balanced, healthy, mutually respectful and interconnected natural and social processes.
3. The creation of such a city depends on the presence of open areas, economically and geographically accessible to all, where natural eco-systems can thrive, and people can come together to celebrate community and benefit from the restorative power of nature.
4. Such spaces are an indispensable resource in the creation of functional and healthy communities.
5. Our citizens must be empowered to take responsible ownership of these spaces, and to make collaborative decisions about how these spaces will be conserved and used.
6. That such empowerment will ensure not only that these spaces are protected and used for the benefit of all, but will help to empower our citizens to take ownership of all other aspects of their lives.
7. The cultural and traditional knowledge systems and wisdom of our communities must be respected and accorded its true value in determining how these spaces are used.

Do hereby constitute the Princess Vlei Forum under the following Constitution.


The name of the organisation is “The Princess Vlei Forum”, hereafter referred to as the “Forum”.

The objects of the Forum shall be:

  • Ensure that the public open space known as Princess Vlei is protected now and in the future from all forms of development that will destroy or compromise its natural systems, or restrict its value as communal space where nature may be enjoyed and heritage celebrated.
  • Empower communities to protect this space now and in the future; to take responsible ownership of the space; and to formulate a vision for how the space should be used.
  • Facilitate the on-going use of Princess Vlei as a creative cultural, spiritual, educational and recreational space in order to benefit and empower communities.
  • Identify the social, historical, spiritual, cultural, educational and ecological values of Princess Vlei to the community;
  • Work collaboratively to develop and implement a plan for the Princess Vlei that enhances these values, and transforms it into a natural and social asset that will heal, unify and empower present and future generations.
  • Engage with such local government structures and other agencies as is necessary to fulfil these objectives