A mesmerising installation

It is difficult to pinpoint what is so compelling about Ayesha Price’s Save the Princess video installation. The Installation comprises a series of projected images and sound, which take place in six panels surrounding the viewer. Within a few moments of experiencing them, one is transported to a world of strange mystery and subtlety.

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Raising the Flag for Princess Vlei

The red flag was raised at Princess Vlei on Saturday 9th November as a diverse group of vlei enthusiasts came to support the Princess Vlei Forum’s red flag campaign.

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Red Flag Vlei

On Saturday 9th November the Princess Vlei Forum will be launching our Red Flag Vlei campaign.

The intention behind the campaign is to alert Cape Town’s citizens to natural and social spaces in our city that are under threat of inappropriate commercial development.

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The Desecration of a Temple

Princess Vlei holds an urgent lesson, the same lesson that is being ignored by global political and financial leaders as they continue to avoid taking the decisive action needed to avert the catastrophe of uncontained climate change…

First published in the Cape Times October 25 2013

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Praying for the Princess

Yet another clear declaration has been made to save Princess Vlei from inappropriate development. This time it is the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town and of False bay that have thrown their weight behind the Save Princess Vlei Campaign.

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