The Desecration of a Temple

Princess Vlei holds an urgent lesson, the same lesson that is being ignored by global political and financial leaders as they continue to avoid taking the decisive action needed to avert the catastrophe of uncontained climate change…

First published in the Cape Times October 25 2013

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Mak1 and the Princess

Mak1 is an acclaimed graffiti artist who grew up in Cafda and is passionate about Princess Vlei. We interviewed him while he created this picture of the Princess….

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Don’t mall our heritage!

The politicians have claimed that Princess Vlei is not a well used space. Perhaps they would have changed their mind if they’d come on Heritage day, and seen the hundreds of picnickers who’d come to celebrate the holiday in the traditional manner, with a braai at the vlei. And all of them were not impressed with the plans to build a mall on the vlei.

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Our dreams take flight

The magic of Princess Vlei was very much alive on the 23rd September, as a crowd of school children, parents and supporters engaged in a moonlight parade to celebrate the birds and other natural life at Princess Vlei.

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A rainbow for Father John…

There was an exquisite rainbow over the vlei on the morning of Father John’s memorial service on 20 July. It was a fitting tribute to a man so committed to social and environmental justice, so embracing of social, cultural and ecological diversity, truly an ambassador for our rainbow nation in the most profound sense of this concept.

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Imagine Princess Vlei on WDC shortlist!

We are delighted with the news that our bid has made it onto the shortlist as a World Design Capital 2014 project, and that the curators listed it as one of six that “demonstrates the calibre of projects being sought in the second call for submissions”.

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Fraud charges laid against developers

The Princess Vlei Forum has taken note that MEC Bredell has signed off on the conditions pertaining to the Princess Vlei mall development, and passed the matter back to the City of Cape Town (as reported in the Cape Times, February 28, p.3)

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The River Jordan of Cape Town

Princess Vlei is literally a place of spiritual regeneration for our communities - a gift not to be squandered. This is made clear by the huge numbers of people who are baptised in the Vlei every week.

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Playing Jazz through Princess Vlei

Vlei Breathing… Vlei Living…

Henrik Ernstson

On October 6, Menngos hosted a Jazz concert to celebrate and honour Princess Vlei. This inspired the following article….

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