Raising the Flag for Princess Vlei

The red flag was raised at Princess Vlei on Saturday 9th November as a diverse group of vlei enthusiasts came to support the Princess Vlei Forum’s red flag campaign.

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The Desecration of a Temple

Princess Vlei holds an urgent lesson, the same lesson that is being ignored by global political and financial leaders as they continue to avoid taking the decisive action needed to avert the catastrophe of uncontained climate change…

First published in the Cape Times October 25 2013

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Praying for the Princess

Yet another clear declaration has been made to save Princess Vlei from inappropriate development. This time it is the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town and of False bay that have thrown their weight behind the Save Princess Vlei Campaign.

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Don’t mall our heritage!

The politicians have claimed that Princess Vlei is not a well used space. Perhaps they would have changed their mind if they’d come on Heritage day, and seen the hundreds of picnickers who’d come to celebrate the holiday in the traditional manner, with a braai at the vlei. And all of them were not impressed with the plans to build a mall on the vlei.

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Braving the cold for a cause at the Three Vlei Race

Forum Members braved the torrential rain and low temperatures to stand along the M5 on Prince George Drive and cheer the Three Vlei Race participants, waving posters calling for the protection of Princess Vlei from a proposed mall development.

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Pray for the Vlei

The Princess Vlei Forum will be holding a multi-faith prayer meeting at 2pm on 22 September 2013. The meeting will celebrate the spiritual and cultural richness of the vlei; build our vision for a nature and heritage park at the vlei and unite Capetonians from all faiths and cultures behind the call to stop the mall.

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Tutu: Save Princess Vlei

Save Princess Vlei: Archbishop Tutu

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has added his voice to the thousands calling for the preservation of Princess Vlei.

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Trees to grow our future

These trees are a symbol of our dreams for these communities”. This was the message given by Reverend Rachel Mash when she blessed the 27 trees that were planted at Princess Vlei on Sunday, 18 August. People from all over, young and old, arrived to plant the trees in honour of children who had died, and as a pledge for children of the future.

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Mandela: Take me for a braai at Princess Vlei

The Princess Vlei Forum Madiba Day event had a surprise guest of honour: Marcus Griebelaar, from Retreat, who had the privilege of driving Nelson Mandela from 1995 to 2007.

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Reverend John Oliver, founding member of the Princess Vlei Forum, passed away suddenly on 4th July

Father John will no longer be seen paddling in the vleis he loved, hiking the hills, campaigning amongst the people with regard to cherishing the Natural World, engaging with youngsters and the aged, students and intellectuals, politicians and people of faith, on matters close to his heart. He understood the urgency of action in today’s world. He was a man of the People. He was a man of the Environment; and his great desire was to connect the two.

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Imagine Princess Vlei on WDC shortlist!

We are delighted with the news that our bid has made it onto the shortlist as a World Design Capital 2014 project, and that the curators listed it as one of six that “demonstrates the calibre of projects being sought in the second call for submissions”.

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Mall would “upset divine balance”

“Baptism in living water is a very important part of our religion – it goes back to the time of Jesus. Every Sunday we come to Princess Vlei to baptise new converts. We travel all this way because this is natural water, with spiritual power.

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Bridging the Divide

When thirty Cape Town citizens set off on a walking tour of the environs of Princess Vlei on Sunday morning (23 June 2013) it was with the intention of learning about the Vlei - its history, its ecosystems and the current controversy around proposed commercial developments. Before long there was a vibrant camaraderie between the people, young and old, reflecting the theme of Bridging the Divide that has long characterised the work of the Princess Vlei Forum.

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Youth Speak 4 the Princess

Braam Hanekom (ANCYL); Daniel Hector (Lotus High); Marissa van Rensburg (UCT SRC); Abdeeya Fredericks (South African Progressive Civic Organisations); Enzio Smith (Steenberg Primary) Samir Hassan (John Graham Primary) and Patricia Moosa (South Peninsula High School).

“People say that the future belongs to the youth, but I think the present belongs to the youth. We can’t sit around waiting for everyone else to solve our problems, we need to stand up right now…”

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Fraud charges laid against developers

The Princess Vlei Forum has taken note that MEC Bredell has signed off on the conditions pertaining to the Princess Vlei mall development, and passed the matter back to the City of Cape Town (as reported in the Cape Times, February 28, p.3)

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Princess Vlei Forum is Launched!

Princess Vlei Forum Inaugural Meeting 31 October 2012

‘Identity, gives meaning to people’s existence, it is a way to overcome the poverty of the soul.’

So said Professor Henry (Jatti) Bredekamp, retired CEO Iziko Museums and keynote speaker at the inaugural meeting of the Princess Vlei Forum (PVF) on Wednesday.

Prof Bredekamp said he was particularly inspired to address the meeting because of the PVF’s people’s plan, which presents a community-driven alternative vision for Princess Vlei.

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Questions for MEC Bredell

The Princess Vlei Forum would like to respond to MEC Anton Bredell’s statement (quoted by Peter Luhanga in the West Cape News, 30/09/12) that the City “made a mistake” when it approved the shopping mall development on Princess Vlei in 2002.

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Something fishy in Mall Bid?

Press statement: 21 September – Princess Vlei Forum Response to evidence of irregularities.

Note: Read the Cape Times article here

The Princess Vlei Forum would like to express our concern around the alleged irregularities and possible corruption in the development bid for Princess Vlei.

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Our Princess Vlei is not for Sale

This article appeared in the Cape Times on August 31.

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