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The Princess travels the world!

Princess Vlei has made it onto the the Living Planet series of the international German news site, Deutsche Welle. Visit their website or download the MP3 9391.mp3 to listen to the broadcast.

Cape Times

Princess Vlei fraud probe stops ‘imminent’ land sale

Melanie Gosling
July 09 2013

The city of Cape Town would await the outcome of a fraud probe by the Hawks into the proposed Princess Vlei shopping mall before it could sell the land, deputy mayor Ian Neilson said yesterday.

The Princess Vlei Forum lodged the fraud complaints, alleging serious irregularities.

However, forum members were perturbed when they heard from the Reverend John Oliver shortly before his death last week that the city council was poised to sell the portion of Princess Vlei land to the mall developer before the police investigation had been completed.

Oliver had fought against the mall development.

The city council had made a decision to sell the land to the mall developer some years ago.

Asked to comment, Neilson said the sale was not imminent.

One of the reasons was that the city did not know whether the outcome of the Hawks’ investigation would lead to prosecutions, and if so, how this would affect the proposed sale.

The National Prosecuting Authority is investigating claims of fraud and corruption on both the development and the process. We understand that this investigation is at an advanced stage.

We are waiting for a decision of the NPA on whether to prosecute and on whether this will have an impact on the sale process. This may be an important factor for the public to be aware of in their comment on the proposed sale - and on council when it takes its final decision,’ Neilson said.

He said the land-use approvals for the mall were in place, and in terms of the original council decision some years ago, the city now needed to agree on a price with the developer. This process was under way. In selling the land, the city would have to follow the municipal asset transfer regulations.

Neilson said this would require an initial report to the council, public advertising and then a final report to the council on whether to proceed with the sale.

Kelvin Cochrane from the Princess Vlei Forum welcomed the fact that the city was waiting for the Hawks’ investigation to be completed. ‘That is the right thing to do,’ he said.

Princess Vlei features prominently in Khoisan folklore.

There has been passionate opposition to the shopping mall on the banks of the vlei, a green lung and popular recreation spot on the Cape Flats for generations, but the authorities gave it the nod.

The city’s decision to allow the mall was the result of an unsolicited bid to the council many years ago.

Cape Times

Princess Vlei Luncheon

June 07 2013

The Princess Vlei Forum has invited all religious leaders who have an interest in preserving Princess Vlei as a spiritual wetland and green space for all to a meeting at the Jolly Carp, Sasmeer Road, Retreat, this Sunday at 13:00. Why are they involving religious leaders? Quite simply because what we are confronted with is a moral issue - a matter of right and wrong. Religious leaders are deeply concerned about the wellbeing of people and planet in the here and now.

All we seem to have heard from the City and the Province to date is the legal position, and the legal standing of the developers.

You will recall that in Apartheid years, Apartheid was legal. It was lawful, though of course it was morally indefensible and wicked.

So too, even if the lawyers decide the developers have a legal standing, we from SAFCEI are asking that the City and Province consider what is best for people and planet. Of that there is no question.

Yet another shopping mall will help no one, except make money for those involved. It will destroy an irreplaceable open space and green lung and corridor in the city and obliterate well established local community shops. The new buildings will alienate existing community infrastructure and have a heavy energy consuming carbon footprint.

If the DA City and Province decide that “economic development” is more important than social development and environmental wellbeing, we suggest they reflect before the next election on the imperative to achieve real sustainability, to recognise our total dependence on the wellbeing of the natural environment - on the essential need for clean air, water, fertile soil, well managed marine life and wilderness areas.
We must make the wellbeing of people and planet our priority if we are to bring about future sustainability.

If religious leaders wish to attend the meeting, please RSVP to Petrina Roberts 074 302 3254/, for catering purpose

Bishop Geoff Davies
Executive Director
Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute

Cape Times

Vlei mall developer accused of fraud

Melanie Gosling
March 6 2013

RESIDENTS have laid a charge of fraud against individuals involved in the controversial shopping mall planned to be built at Princess Vlei.
Members of the Princess Vlei Forum, a group opposed to the planned shopping mall and taxi rank to be built on public land, said the developers had “misrepresented themselves” on two occasions, and said there were serious irregularities in the development… Read more

New Age Online

City desperate to wiggle out of bad land deal

Peter Luhanga
Oct 1 2012

A Western Cape MEC has admitted that Cape Town got it wrong when it sold a pocket of land at Princess Vlei ten years ago. Environmental affairs and development planning MEC Anton Bredell was commenting on the long … read more

West Cape News

City agreeing to sell Princess Vlei was a ‘mistake’, says MEC

Peter Luhanga
Sept 30 2012

The City made a mistake in approving the sale of land at Princess Vlei ten years ago, said Environmental Affairs and Development Planning MEC Anton Bredell late last week. Bredell was commenting on the long running opposition by… read more

West Cape News

‘We don’t need another mall’ say Princess Vlei protestors

By Peter Luhanga

Sept 3 2012

Legend has it that a Khoisan Princess was in the habit of walking down from the Constantiaberg to swim in one of the Vleis at the base of the mountain that sparkle like a string of jewels in the morning sunlight….read more

Cape Times 2012-09-18

Princess Vlei Mall will ‘wreak havoc’

By Jason Felix
DEAD plants, car fumes, polluted water and a drop in endangered leopard toads could befall Princess Vlei if a shopping mall is approved there… read more

People’s Post 2012-09-11


By Luzuko.Zini

PRINCESS Vlei got a green makeover when about 100 trees were planted in honour of Arbor Month.

Pupils from Lotus River High School and John Graham Primary School, in Plumstead, rolled up their sleeves to plant trees at a ceremony on Wednesday.

Read more…