What you can do…

The Princess Vlei belongs to everyone – and needs everyone to come to its defence. No matter how little time you have, there is always something you can do to help save the vlei. Your grandchildren will thank you for it none day!

Here are some ideas:

Spread the word

  • Talk to people about the issue.
  • Pamphleteer your road – get pamphlets from LOGRA, LOFOB, or the Jolly Carp.
  • Invite the Princess Vlei Forum to do presentations at meetings of your organisation or church.
  • Write letters to the papers.
  • Call your radio stations.
  • Share these pages on Facebook

Let your politicians know how you feel

Find out more and have fun

  • Come to our events
  • Paint banners and posters to bring to the events
  • Join our street picket and pamphleteering drives
  • Organise your own creative acts of protest on and around the Vlei

Occupy the vlei and own the space

  • Discuss the The People’s Plan and come up with new suggestions.
  • Use the Vlei for community events, to teach your kids about nature, walk your dogs, family reunions, to get exercise, to relax….
  • Volunteer forDressing the Princess – talk to us about adopting a plot; growing seedlings; sponsoring trees.

Make a financial contribution

We need funds to help us with plants for the vlei, cultural and community events, media and publicity and legal costs. Any small donation welcome. Our account details are on this page.

Contact us to find out more.